Frelon-K games

2018, April 21st – Wassup?


Hello gamers!

I am still working hard and I didn’t finalized the demo. I plan to polish and customize everything, I even made a custom battle transition. You know, that fricking second between you in the map and you in the battle screen. I didn’t find any plugins to do what I intended to do, so i had to make my own plugin by coding in JavaScript. Yay, I know how to make a plugin! I am also working hard on remaking the design so they look more like 8bit-ish. I hope I will finish this piece of hard work soon so I will be able to continue the development of the story, yay!

By the way, I also made some musics! Here you go!

This one is a chiptune called “Exorcism”, made with FamiTracker!




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