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My First Chiptunes

21DaysOfVGM – ChipSummer

Are you looking for custom chiptune music?

Are you an indie developer? I know this could be difficult to have custom music for your game. Thanks to a composer, you won’t have to consume time to learn music theory, neither you would have to spare some money to invest into a DAW. I can make many genres, tho I decided to focus on chiptune first. If you have a game almost ready, you could contact me and we can talk about your needs! Of course, I won’t make music for free, but the music I will make for you won’t be free-to-use for other people.
Feel free to drop an email here : and we will talk!


Antidimension OST

Sometimes I pretend to make music. Actually, I was a guitarist for a local Metal band who split up. How unfortunate. Here are some chiptune I made. I made these especially for Antidimension, the game I am working on. Enjoy! These songs are hosted in SoundCloud. You can NOT use them in your project! Mine!