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Neko Ex Machina

A love letter to the golden age JRPG, released December 2018!

Sequel under active development! ;)

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Official Trailer

Hello! The development of Neko Ex Machina has ended December 2018, now, please wait before I launch the Beta-Tests!

Neko Ex Machina is actually a classic JRPG and will have a sequel. The first chapter is done and lasts between 12 and 17 hours of playing. You’re a group of cute catgirls who awake in a ravaged world. You quickly learn a war took place and almost no one survived. Now, what to do?


Neko Ex Machina Chapter 1

8 differents jobs for your 4 characters! Play the way you want!

Explore a desolated island!

Fight like Final fantasy 3!

Beautiful do-it-yourself NES graphics with self-made chiptune music! No royalty-free!

Epic boss fights!

Read books and learn about gameplay tips and the lore!

And finally : this game is the result of the hard work of one person! Everything did by myself with love!

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