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Hello, Franck aka Frelon-K here! I am a solo game developer and a video game composer from Lyon, France! I released Neko Ex Machina during December 2018, and I recently released 100 Patterns Of Death! Now I am actually working hard to bring you NekoPunk, maybe for end 2021! Okay, stay tuned!

100 Patterns Of Death

You can purchase 100 Patterns Of Death here!

100 Patterns of Death is a hardcore die-and-retry avoider in the vein of Super Hexagon. Are you hardcore enough?

Trailer of 100 Patterns Of Death

NekoPunk (in development)

NekoPunk will be a roguelite featuring catgirls and weapons. It is actually under active development.

Trailer for NekoPunk, August 2020.

I’m available for commissions for video game projects! If you need a composer, just give me a shout and we will talk!

About Us

I am Franck. And I am a solodev and a composer from Lyon. I was born and raised in Nîmes. I am fascinated by video games since my childhood and I always wanted to make my child dream become true.

Can I help you?

Visit me on itch if you want to play my games! You can even shout me a comment or I don’t know!


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