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First volume of Square Mazes available!

Volume of 16 mazes by frelon-K

Hello everyone! I draw a lot these times, I focus mostly on my labyrinths so there si a reason why I am so dedicaded to this website (at least for now!). Let me explain. I draw square mazes in pixel art with different softwares. This includes mostly Aseprite, tho I also use Dotpict when I am on the go

Volume of 16 mazes by frelon-K
Volume 1 by Frelon-K

You can click the picture to access the page or you can use the menu on the upper side of the website.
This picture is a representation of my first 16 mazes. Most of them are in 1024×1024 pixels format, with two exceptions on the lower side – that’s the reason they don’t fit perfectly and aren’t displayed perfectly.

I am actually thinking about how to make a business plan because I don’t make a living out of my mazes actually. The second volume is actually a work-in-progress, I need 16 other labyrinths and I already made 7 of them, so I am almost half-way done! I will also make a section for my “Mazecards”, they aren’t actually posted in the website.

I also need to make this website more beautiful, becuase this is a bit blank and sober actually. Just let me think about it! Cheers!

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