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I ship Ophilia with Primrose!

Ophilia with Primrose
Ophilia x Primrose (Octopath Traveler fanart)

This article is spoiler-free.

Octopath traveler is such a wonderful game, I mean, really. Not only it has a satisfying gameplay, but it also has a powerful scenario with beautiful stories. Coming from a guy who usually don’t care about stories in video games. Ophilia is a nun walking around the world to accomplish a religious rite. Her story is heartwarming and calm. On the other side, there is Primrose, the girl everyone loves, with a way darker story. She lost her father in an attack and decided to avenge him, even if that means she has to become a prostitute.

Well, since I do things the way no one is doing them, i decided to ship these two characters together. They are the day and the night, and this diametral opposition can be not so incoherent if you look closer. I made this drawing with Dotpict, with the default palette of 16 colors

This game has been made by Square Enix. As a consequence, I hope you will understand I can’t make profit out of my fanarts, no matter how cool you find them. I don’t own the characters.

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