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Preview, and some stuff to say.

Virtual World Map
Virtual World Map, by Frelon-K

I feel so tired and depressed these times. There are everyone saying “I have a job” and stuff like that, and there is me who is totally useless and worthless for society. In the beginning, I started to draw mazes, I even developed a video game, to show the world I am not that worthless. In fact, the real story is a bit longer.

I studied so hard, I have a high diploma, and in the end I worked only 5 months. For a company of scammers. I left the job because it was disgusting to scam people. Now I am left aside with no job and no money, and I would live on the streets if it was not for a local income for autists. Income made of money stolen from “normal” people, but I’m not here to talk about politics.

In fact, there are stuff that are best hidden inside me. As you may know, Internet is such a dangerous place, and nowadays, it’s better to not say in front of unknown people you’re feeling bad in your skin. Good thing I still have the power of creativity. So, until I will be accepted like the way I am, until people won’t despise me… I’ll continue to draw and I’ll continue to create.

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