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If you speak French, here is my resume, in video!

Frelon-K Games is actually a one-man project born in the mind of Franck Poulhon, a 16-bits boys, “swiss knife” between a developer, an artist and a composer. Located in Nîmes, a sunny city from the Southern France, the project is born from a strong desire to realize a child dream.

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Franck Poulhon

Born in 1988 with Asperger Syndrome, both creative and technical, Franck experimented many things, like drawing, development, music and blogging. He finally merged all he can do into a single art, his strongest passion : video games.

“Hey, can I drop a resume?”

You want to be a part of Frelon-K Games? I’m glad to hear that! Unfortunately, even if the mark is deposed and protected, the company is not yet officialy created. And to top it off, the project is self-financed, so i don’t have much to pay. However, if you really want to join us in our journey, you can send a resume of whatever you want in the “Contact” section!

And don’t worry, soon or late I’ll have to hire people! This is because even if I am versatile, i can’t handle all the job alone, especially when it comes to do the community management. Therefore, if you’re a community manager, don’t hesitate! My marketing skills are also lacking.

However, I don’t want to make people work for free, and I would rather hire people using “official” procedures.

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