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List of all my games! \o/

Full games

2018. Neko Ex Machina


2019. Last Neko

2019. Creepy Rain

Last Neko

Last Neko is a danmaku that has been made for a game jam it was a challenge to do, and I managed to make something decent in three weeks time. Think Touhou Project. This is a shoot’em up with hardcore difficulty and usually kawaii design. In this game, the catboys and catgirls have been long extinct or enslaved by the half-dogs. You play the last survivor of its kind, Katz Aedelis, and try to put an ending to Empress Rosa tyranny.

Like a regular Touhou, this game has six levels, but since I had to rush the whole stuff, I went too far with the difficulty, especially with level 3. Still, I’m pretty happy with this game, and it kicked my ass to turn it into a franchise.

Neko Ex Machina

It was my really first game, made durint 2018. This is a JRPG about heroic catgirls that apparently failed a mission and wake up into a ravaged world. What could have happened here.

I made this game with RPG Maker MV, with my own assets and my own musics. Even if it is a bit ugly, I learned how to manage a project from the beginning to the end. It was really hard to do so, but I did it. I know this is not the game of the year, but I started like that. This will be forever the first game for I actually can tell : “I did it.”

Creepy Rain

Creepy Rain is a short arcade game that has been made for a short Game Jam that lasted 4 days. I’ll say nothing particular on this game, since this is just something made for fun. You have to survive as long as you can. I get inspired by Super Hexagon.

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