Hello ! First things first, here is the music !

Now, about the explanations! This track has been made for Halloween. In fact, I am part of an online musical collective called the Music Weeklies Collective (Muwee Collective) ^_^. Within this collective, we are challenged to make one track per week. There is no obligation to take part but I really like this concept, so I decided to take part!

My last participation was for the Halloween challenge. The deal was to make a music starting like a “stealth phase” and ending with a “run for your life !!!” phase, while using the same melodies for both parts.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! As for me, I really had a lot of fun making this track! And, last but not least, those who took part of this challenge (as for me) will receive a feedback from great composers! I’m really excited about this!


Franck for Frelon-K

You, you got something to say, I know it!