Neko Ex Machina

JRPG video game made by Frelon-K Games

4,50 2,00

Neko Ex Machina.

Made by Frelon-K Games.

Platform : Windows (you do not need an alienware to play this game 😉 )

Game Type : Japanese Role Playing Game.

Language : English.

Neko Ex Machina is the very first game I made all by myself. I wanted to write a love letter to the old JRPGs of the 90s area. I know everything is perfectible, but at least I didn’t buy any assets, I crafted everything all by myself, from story to soundtracks. The length of this JRPG can go from 10 hours to 20 hours! Even if everything is perfectible, the game is already allow you to customize your groupe of heroines with 8 different classes, from the classic one – warrior, elementalist – to more exotic ones – like a Poison Ivy! -. I hope you will enjoy this!

Once you downloaded and extracted the game, you can play it by launching the Game executable.

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